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Giảm giá 10% - 15%
Best Rate

Restaurant & Bar

Dining Room located on the 1st floor of the hotel with a large area 30m2. This room bring to luxury and cozy style  gives you a feeling of gentle, comfortable to enjoy good food and relax with a cup black coffee or a glass of red wine in a warm space.
With spacious 30m2 can accommodate 25 guests at the same time, Breakfast is 70.000 VND / 1person including one main dish, one drink and one dessert, lunch meal and dinner meal will be served customer.

The breakfast menu at New Amely Hotel & Resident:

  1. Beef Noodles
  2. Chicken Noodles
  3. New Amely Noodles
  4. Steamed rolled rice pancake
  5. Bread with eggs & sausage
  6. Pork Noodles
  7. Coffee & Fresh Milk
  8. Fresh Fruit